Monday, July 15, 2013

Hillclimb Pron: On Board : S. LOEB Pikes Peak FULL RECORD [HD] (OptionAuto)

If you don't know who Sebastian Loeb is, you don't follow motorsport. Seb has been racking up consecutive WRC championships behind the wheel of a Citro├źn for the past 9 years and has, in recent years, been branching out into other motorsport events that fit his 'particular set of skills'. Backed by Peugeot and partner Red Bull, he's won world Rallycross events (2012 X-Games Gold Medalist) and Hillclimb events like the famous Pikes Peak challenge, this year. Peugeot's new 208 T16 was piloted by the flying Frechman to a new Pikes Peak record of 8m13.878s. Put this one in HD and turn up the volume.

Video hosting courtesy of OptionAuto.

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