Thursday, February 4, 2021

What to watch this Weekend (Feb 6th - Feb 11th)

  • The Grand Tour. Season 4 Ep.2 - A Massive Hunt. (Amazon Prime) 
  • Bitchin Rides. Mon/Tue/Wed @ 6pm - 7pm (MotorTrend) replays
  • Auto Mundial. Tuesday @ 7pm - 7:30pm (MotorTrend)
  • Motorweek. Tuesday @ 7:30pm - 8pm (MotorTrend) 
  • Wheeler Dealers. Tuesday @ 9pm - 10pm (MotorTrend) new
  • Bitchin Rides. Wednesday @ 9pm - 10pm (MotorTrend) new
  • Restoration Garage. Wednesday @ 10pm - 11pm (MotorTrend) new
Enjoy your weekends.

Video courtesy of BMWM.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Neo-Vintage Automotive Workshop: Master Mechanics: Ferrari Restoration At Autofficina Bonini (Petrolicious)

This feature looks at Autofficina Bonini and it's founder Carlo Bonini, who built an independent Ferrari repair and restoration shop into a business recognized by Ferrari.

Video courtesy of Petrolicious.