Thursday, May 25, 2017

What to watch this Memorial Day Weekend (May 26th - May 31st)

  • Formula 1 - Monaco Grand Prix. From Circuit de Monaco. Practice 2. Thursday @ 8am - 9:30am (NBCSN(HD) live
  • Formula 1 - Monaco Grand Prix. From Circuit de Monaco. Qualifying. Saturday @ 8am - 9:30am (NBCSN(HD)) live
  • Formula 1 - Monaco Grand Prix. From Circuit de Monaco. Race. Sunday @ 7:30am - 10am (NBC(HD)) live; replay at 10:30am on NBCSN(HD)
  • IndyCar Series - The Indianapolis 500. From Indianapolis Motor Speedway, from Speedway, Indiana. Sunday @ 11am - 3:30pm (ABC(HD)) live 
  • Chasing Classic Cars. Tuesday @ 7pm - 7:30pm (VelocityHD) replay
  • Motorweek. Tuesday @ 7:30pm - 8pm (VelocityHD) replay
  • Wheeler Dealers. Wednesday @ 8pm - 9pm (VelocityHD)
We've arrived at one of the best motorsport weekends of the year; plenty to watch and plenty of great venues and historic race locations to choose from. We have Fernando Alonso trading places with Jenson Button to give the Brit a drive at Monaco while Alonso takes a seat in this years Indy 500. Meanwhile in F1, we're picking up where we left off in Spain with the first of the European F1 races. Alonso finally got to the end of a GP after qualifying 7th (!), which delighted his local fans, Hamilton took pole and used some tire strategy and gumption to get in front of Vettel, in the second half of the GP, and was able to get his second win of the season. Bottas was on an old engine due to some issues with the upgrade and that very engine went up in smoke on him. Kimi had bad luck early, going three wide and getting his front suspension broke by contact with Verstappen's, so both of the top manufacturers only had one car to earn points off of. This opened the door for Red Bull and Ricciardo obliged; finishing third and driving the second half of the race with no one around him. The Pepto-Bismol liveried Force India's showed up again and were strong, finishing 4th and 5th; Checo is continuing a very healthy point scoring streaking going back to last year. Wehrlein overachieved in his Sauber, taking 8th, Grosjean snagged 10th for a single Haas point and Torro Rosso put both cars in the top 10. The Hulk placed 6th in a good showing for Renault and Vandoorne rounded out the foursome who DNF'd, with Kimi, Max and Bottas. With the checkered flag dropped, the current Driver's Standings are as follows: Vettel, Hamilton (-6), Bottas (-41), Raikkonnen (-55), Ricciardo (-67), Verstappen (-69).

Monaco should be as glamorous as always; tight track with few places to pass, so qualy will be king. Everyone has updates, but Monaco usually equalizes due the lack of places to leverage top end speed. It should be another great weekend of F1.

Enjoy your weekends and salute a veteran.

Video courtesy of CarsWithLuke.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Enthusiast Topic: Breaking Records and Rallying Subarus on the Isle of Man - /MY LIFE AS A RALLYIST (DRIVE)

Not much better than WOT around the Isle of Man, especially in a sports car driven by a renowned rally driver, Mark Higgins, who is a multi-time 4-wheel vehicle lap record holder.

Video courtesy of Drive.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Car Pron: Mercedes-AMG GTR vs. Porsche 911 R - AutoWeek Dubbeltest (Autoweek)

Autoweek compares two of the heaviest hitters in the high-end sports car segment -- Porsche 911 R & the Merc AMG GTR.

Video courtesy of Autoweek.