Web Entertainment

Final Gear - The premier site for getting rips of all things Top Gear and Fifth Gear, the two best automotive shows on (UK) television. This is a permanent tab on my web browser.

FastLaneDaily - Great US-based daily wrap up of the worlds autonews, while not taking itself too seriously.

Format 67 - Premium visual projects from a videographer/car nut from Germany. You have to check it out to understand.

Track Culture - An awesome UK-based site dedicated to all things track related; cars, drivers, builds, stories, pics, videos, etc.

I Love Bass - An auto enthusiast blog run by a crew of carnuts in Northern Ireland. Car show coverage, project videos and everything between.

WrinkleRed - An enthusiast blog run by an Engineer/VW MK3 lover from PA (US). This site primarily covers the ground up rebuild of his custom, hydraulic-suspension lowered, MK3 Jetta.

DepthofSpeed - One of the coolest sites out there; this crew chases stories of peoples auto obsessions with car-pron-laden results.