Thursday, January 3, 2013

What to watch this weekend (Jan 3rd - Jan 9th)

  • Legendary Motorcar. Marathon. Thursday @ 8pm - 11pm (VelocityHD) replays
  • Wheeler Dealers. Marathon of recent seasons. Friday @ 6am - Saturday @ 6am (VelocityHD) replays
  • Touring Car Racing Double Play: WTCC & BTCC (Round 6). Saturday @ 5pm - 7pm (SPEED/SPEEDHD) delayed airings from 12'
  • German Touring Car Championship (DTM). Speed Festival: DTM drivers race on a specially built track in Munich's Olympic Stadium. Sunday @ 12pm - 1pm (SPEED/SPEEDHD) delayed airings from 12'
  • FIA GT1. Round 6 from the Slovakiaring in Bratislava, Slovakia. Sunday @ 6pm - 7pm (SPEED/SPEEDHD) delayed airings from 12'
  • What's My Car Worth? Season 4 mini-marathon. Monday @ 8pm - 12am (VelocityHD) replays
  • Top Gear (UK). Marathon of Seasons 12 &15. Monday @ 4pm - Tuesday @ 4am (BBC America/BBC America HD)
  • Motorweek. Chevy Malibu Turbo. Tuesday @ 8pm - 8:30pm (VelocityHD)
  • Legendary Motorcar. A Boss 302 comes full circle. Tuesday @ 8:30pm - 9pm (VelocityHD) new
  • Chasing Classic Cars. Hidden Treasures. Tuesday @ 10pm - 10:30pm (VelocityHD) replay
  • Wheeler Dealers. Wednesday @ 9pm - 10pm (VelocityHD) replay
The weekend ahead is looking pretty familiar, but this is the off-season. The next motorsport event in 2013 is the 24 Hours of Daytona, so look forward to it. In the meantime I've gotten a little closer to clarifying project car plans for the year. Look for a post on that sooner than later. In the meantime, enjoy some more 80's DTM motorsport pron.

Video courtesy of VFMCMedia.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Quick Vid: The 700hp RennTech CLS63 AMG (Tuned)

Matt Farah showcases Hartmut Feyhl's 700hp RennTech CLS63 on this episode of Tuned. You also get some insight in how the world-respected tuner, Renntech, came to be.

Video courtesy of Drive.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Quick Vid: Maserati GranTurismo Sport review (Autoblogger)

Our Dutch friends review the latest Maserati sport coupe; the GranTourismo Sport.

Video courtesy of Autoblogger.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Motorsport Workshop: Does Anybody Still Race 10/10ths These Days? (Shakedown)

Leo takes a look at the strategy behind modern racing and how it doesn't always equate going flat-out around a circuit.

Video courtesy of Drive.