Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Event Recap: Vag Fair 2012

I've been going to Vag Fair since its origin in 07'. At the time I just finished the grey hatch (paint was still wet) and it was sitting on my first set real wheels. Multiple project cars, paint-jobs and wheels later I found myself going to Vag Fair without a car to show. Sure I was in the red coupe, but it's still in the same place I was before Vag Fair 11' (plus some extra oxidation) so there was nothing to showcase (look for an update on that soon). While this show grew to two days for 2012 I still only made it to Sunday's main show, but in the end that's all that was needed. Popping into town like I always have, bombing up Northern-Maryland back roads to hit I-83N, I made it into the fairgrounds for the first year without using a map or e-directions. The same friendly and familiar faces greeted me at the entrance to the field; I showed my registration confirmation via Paypal using my iPhone, then I grabbed a spot on the show field.

The cars out on display were much like the forums I'm not on anymore; a couple familiar faces here and there, a load of unfamiliar faces, all in a sea of newer models and different marques. Cory used some foresight (and some self-service) to start including BMW's in the Vag Fair festivities in 10', and the representation was decent this year. Some of my favorite local cars from last year were no where to be found, but as with everything in the US car scene, today is today. Owners sell cars and move onto new projects; new people buy those cars and either keep em' clean, take them to the next level or more likely ruin them in some way or another. That said, there was a good mix of cars in attendance and it seems the Sunday turnout was almost equal to last year.

C'mon son.

Got to see some out of state friends and associates, do some socializing and much enjoyed project car talk. While my friends at 8380Labs didn't have a booth this year I found myself hanging out at a booth anyway, as our friends Anna and Sam from More Than More decided to cross the country to pedal their boutique wares. This worked out great as I hadn't seen Anna in a while and there were some things I wanted to pick up from them online; doing so in person is always better.

Foundation-Blue still goin' strong.
Bodywork confidence.

Once again Vag Fair delivered a chill, laid back feel despite its turnout and I think the next staple of the VAG show calendar, H2oi, could learn something from it. When does a show get too big? When does it lose the magic of what it once was? Rhetorical questions my friends.

The pre-album can be seen here.

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