Monday, June 18, 2012

Current Events: 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans Race Finish

Spoiler alert...Congrats to Audi's LMP1 entries running 1(e-tron)-2(e-tron)-3(Ultra)-5(Ultra) (model breakdown here) in the 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans! One of the two Toyota gasoline-hybrid (TS030 Hybrid) LMP1 entries took 4th place, beating out the last of the Audi R18 diesel-powered Ultra's. The other Toyota TS030 entry, driven by British Ex-F1 driver Anthony Davidson, was destroyed in a terrible crash spawned by contact with a GT-class F458 (sound familiar?). Anthony unfortunately broke his back in the high-speed accident. On a related note, for all those who watched the recent specials posted on WTWTW involving racing safety tragedies of yester-year, you know that if this was 196X the outcome would've been much worse. The tire safety barrier was a brilliant idea.

In other news, Nissan's Deltawing entry, that wasn't officially racing against anyone, unfortunately ran into both technical difficulties (gear changer problem early in the race) and an accident, hitting a wall after being clipped by one of the Toyota LMP1 cars that was too busy trying to chase down the Audi pack to pay attention. It was a great race overall, albeit somewhat anti-climactic, since Peugeot pulled out of this race after their disappointing outing last year. Toyota will be a better challenge to Audi after the lessons learned this year, but it has to hurt knowing they were out-classed even with major accidents late in the race to both the #2 and #3 R18 entries.

Video courtesy of EdwinTV9.

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