Monday, January 17, 2011

For the love of P. #7

9ff is quickly making a name for itself as one of the more extreme tuners in the world. Frankly, they did good to pick a great platform to start from, exclusively tuning Porsche automobiles to terrifyingly fast power levels. They not only specialize in the production of turbo kits and all manners of engine upgrades, they also produce lightweight wheels, lightweight car parts and aero kits. The trick with building 200mph+ cars is that many components have to be built up to handle the abuse at speed, so it makes sense that they covered their own bases.

This brings us to the point of todays post, the 9ff flagship - the GT9. The GT9 isn't as much of a street car as much as it's a GT class racer for a grand prix that hasn't happened yet; the current iteration of the GT9-R boasts a 1120hp 4.0 Litre flat-six (~90% 9ff newly developed internals/block), custom chassis and body, 0-300kmph in 15.8 seconds and a lofty Vmax of 414 klicks (257.25mph). While only about twenty GT9s will be made, you can get them customized to almost any spec, focusing on top end or track performance. In this video, Chris Harris gets the opportunity to test out one of 9ff's earliest iterations of the GT9; this car has unique specs, and has been superseded by the GT9-R (specs above) which is why the performance specs don't match. Enjoy.

Video courtesy of autocar.

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