Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quick Vid: The Mk VII Volkswagen Golf GTI: Enough for you? (XCAR)

As much as we're aware of all the new cars out there that people buy and use as daily drivers, you really don't see yourself in one until your life puts you in a position where you need to fill a gap in your household car lineup. This is especially true when you've spent your life buying older cars that need work, avoiding payments, but then you find yourself in a place where you no longer want to work on every damn car in the house. I held off on buying a Mk6 my personal daily, but I did purchase a Mk6 JSW for my wife so we could buy large items at IKEA and LOWES and not have a problem fitting them in. For myself I ended up trading the wife's old Protege5 in for a Mazda3 Skyactive hatchback, which has been great at giving me an average of 35mpg on 87 octane over the past 12 months of short and moderate distance driving. While I enjoy my cheaply priced (and cheap to run) Mazda3 I would like a bit more entertainment behind the wheel. I didn't go Mk6 Golf for cost savings (and trunk size as a new parent), but I have a bit more in the budget compared to last year. I'm hoping the Mk7 fixes some drawbacks of the issues from the Mk6, but more importantly better efficiency from the non-diesel GTI. While I do enjoy quickly traveling from point A to point B, I also like using as little fuel as needed in doing so. Time will tell if the Mk7 (GTI) lives up to it's billing, but if it does, I probably won't end up with a 14' Mazda3.

Video courtesy of XCAR.

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