Monday, June 25, 2012

Car Pron: The Hidden workshops of Porsche Classic (Drive)

Today kicks off another Porsche week here at ROTL and this video makes us all sorts of happy. When I was in Stuttgart last summer I got a small taste of one of the Porsche workshops. When you exit the inner Porsche museum, the final merchandising area before leaving the building has a large glass wall to the right that you can see right through. What's back there you might ask? All of the non-displayed museum cars that are being serviced and a small team of veteran mechanics working on them.

When exiting to the underground parking garage you get to see even more goodies. Not as many goodies as you'll see in the Drive special below, but plenty of classic Porsche race cars and rare road going models. I haven't had the time to finish editing my entire set from last year, but for the ROTL regulars I've found time to dig up a couple for this very post.

Now that you're primed, enjoy the the vid.

Video courtesy of Drive.

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