Monday, April 25, 2011

Event Recap: Blown Euros 2011 Spring GTG

Back at it again! It was good to get out in the sunshine and check out some cars at the 2011 Blown Euros Spring GTG. This years show was at the Sesame Place children's amusement park parking lot in Langhorne, PA. Once again, I got to this event past the middle of the show, due to conflicts of interest, but I got what I wanted out of the experience. Nice weather, a couple really cool cars, several slick daily drivers, a bunch of CCW's (ahem), seeing some associates for the first time this year and some snaps where applicable.

As I stated previously, the Blown Euros 2011 Spring GTG was a fundraising event for Variety Children's Charity, disguised as a GTG. The atmosphere was chill and people were out in large numbers. I spoke to one of Blown Euros' crew bigwigs about the event, my buddy PT, and he let me know they plan on having the show at this location for the foreseeable future. For background, previous shows have hopped around from location to location in the Philadelphia area for a variety of reasons. Having a set location will be great for growing the GTG, which already has become known for being a great casual gateway to the East-Coast European automotive-enthusiast show season.

Towards the end of the show the Blown Euros crew began awarding prices for raffle ticket numbers. Prizes were awarded after a drawing, including some cool event branded t-shirts. After returning home it seems I didn't do a good enough job with recon as there was a t-shirt preorder prior to the show; when I went to buy one and no XXLs were available, I was bitten by the snake of ignorance. Guh! I guess my plans will have to wait til next year, which is fine, because I'll definitely make it a point to be there.

All shots from this event can be seen here.

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