Saturday, March 12, 2011

World Events: Our thoughts, prayers and support go out to Japan

For those unaware, sadly a natural disaster, to be specific a historically damaging earthquake and tsunami, have ravaged Japan and surrounding inhabitants of the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately there are many secondary and tertiary issues from these occurrences, including now damaged nuclear power plants, which endanger the lives of tens of thousands of additional people. We want to help spread awareness so that you, our readers, know where they can contribute and help out if you feel the need to do so. For the small portion of our readers that are following this blog from Japan, something we're very proud of, please know that we are thinking about you, your countrymen and women. If any of you reading this would like more information to educate yourself, please visit the following link:

BBC World News

If you'd like to contribute money to help support efforts, please visit the American Red Cross:

American Red Cross

Please note there are other places on the web to get information and donate (we encourage you to look around online), but these are good places to start. As cliche as it is these days to say 'World-Economy' and 'everyone is connected', these words are also extremely accurate. Like many other natural (and man-made) disasters of recent years remind us, humanity is a delicate thing.


-ROTL Staff

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