Thursday, March 3, 2011

What to watch this weekend (Mar 3 - Mar 7)

  • Inside West Coast Customs. Alienware - Alien takeover. Thursday @ 8pm - 9pm (Discovery's HD Theater)
  • Speedmakers. A look into Aston Martin's manufacturing facility in Birmingham, UK. Thursday @ 9pm - 10pm (SPEED/SPEEDHD) replay at 9am Friday
  • Chasing Classic Cars. Friday @ 9pm - 11pm (Discovery's HD Theater) 2nd season replays
  • Rolex Sports Car Series. Grand-Am racing from Homestead-Miami Speedway in FL. Saturday 12pm - 3pm (SPEED/SPEEDHD)
  • Monterey Week. A look into the world of automotive restoration and sale expert Wayne Carini. This is the special that lead to the Chasing Classic Cars series. Saturday @ 3pm - 4pm (Discovery's HD Theater) replay
  • World's Most Expensive Cars. This special follows the process to get one of Audi's legendary 1939 Auto Union race cars to auction. Sunday @ 2pm - 3pm (Discovery's HD Theater) replay
  • Top Gear (UK) - Season 16, Ep. 5. Jeremy, Richard and James go buy a combine harvester and modify it to end Britains' snowfall removal woes. Monday @ 9pm - 10pm (BBC America/BBC America HD)
Plenty of selection this weekend, including some great replays and new shows. I guessed right on Speedmakers as they made episode two on Aston Martin's manufacturing facility. Also for those of you who enjoy Chasing Classic Cars, the HD special that pre-dated that series (Monterey Week) is airing on Saturday at 3pm. Oh and surprise-surprise, road racing is back this weekend with a live Grand-Am racing event in Florida. Options are a great thing.

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