Wednesday, November 3, 2010

White Wagon: day one.

Well, it's here.

The 91 passat wagon has come home,
and it's time to get to work.

And do i have a lot of work ahead of me. Front suspension is mostly toast, and the motor needs a complete teardown. There are also small issues in the interior, mostly broken trim pieces that I'll scavenge over the next several months. A full and complete scrubbing in and out is also in the cards.

First, however, was to get rid of the grime on the corrado "sebring" wheels. They won't be on long, but they need to be serviceable while they're there. A quick acid wash (I love the 80's!)and a high pressure spray down was enough to get about 90% of the years of baked on crud to relinquish its devilish grip. However, there's quite a bit of stains leftover, so it looks like a spray down with some generic oem-wheel-silver-in-a-can is in the future. With the clamp on wheel weights on the outside of the wheel, however, this step will have to wait until i can have them rebalanced. The crubbage is great, as well, so a mild scuff down will commence immediately prior. In the meantime, a quick blowover on the centercaps got it looking respectable enough from ten feet.

Next on the list will be a repair to the passenger control arm. The rear bushing is almost completely shot, due to the oil/coolant mixture pouring itself onto the original 150,000 mile units and wearing it out even faster than normal. A temporary setup will be dispatched immediately to remedy this particularly annoying situation as I clunk down the road.

A complete 16v refresh will start probably in December, as well as a full suspension refresh. OEM +/- is the order of the day, with upgrades as I go along. Until then, here's a pic or two to tide us all over.



Little things!

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