Thursday, October 28, 2010

What to watch this weekend (Oct 30th - Oct 31st)

  • Mille Miglia - The Spirit of  a Legend. A look into this historic race. Sunday @ 10am - 12pm (Discovery's High Def Theater - THD)
  • D1 Grand Prix - Fuji International Raceway in Shizoukaken, Japan. Sunday @ 2pm - 3pm (SPEED/SPEEDHD)
  • Australian V8 Supercars - Surfers Paradise Street Circuit, Australia. Sunday @ 3pm - 5pm (SPEED/SPEEDHD)
Slim pickins this weekend, but I suggest you check out the THD special on the famous Mille Miglia race. This is a documentary from 2007, which looks into the bloodline of this historic one thousand mile endurance event; it also shows how this 'tribute race' is held in current day (Mille Miglia Storica) compared to its raw motorsport roots originating in 1927 (Mille Miglia).

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