Tuesday, August 10, 2010

an introduction

So by way of invitation, I welcome myself to ROTL.
Like our other internet overlords here, I, too, am a car dude.
Starting back with early fuzzy memories of my dad's beetle, to later early fuzzy memories of the Plymouth Valarie my stepfather rolled around in, to that great menagerie of minivans that paraded themselves through my parents garage, I've always possessed an intense interest in all things motorized. I sent Ford several renderings of "future" vehicles in the late 80's to try and entice them into hiring my then 8 year old self straight onto their design team. I have documented evidence that I personally invented the Drivers Side Sliding Door(tm) from somewhere around that time period.

Cars are in my blood, too. I have a fantastic photo of my maternal grandfather on the back of an 18wheeler with a 21 stud flathead on a hoist smiling at me from beyond. I really oughtta scan that so I can show it off. Perhaps I'll make that a little project for here. One of my uncles was also a Ford fanatic, so much so that he became a master tech for them, before striking out on his own!

I'm not sure why I didn't become more of a Ford Fan, after all the evidence presented to me about how great they are, I somehow managed to find my way to the German persuasion. Perhaps it's my given name. Or my surname? Or my immigrant grandparents on both sides? Who knows. I still appreciate a good domestic motor every now and again (hell, my blood is blue, just not sure if it's the VW or Ford hue-ishness).

But I've arrived at the conclusion of my short car-dude resume, at least as a result of genetics. Nothing quite does it for me like something that came from Bavaria, or the black forest, or near the Rhine, Stuttgart, etc... and thus, I've arrived here.
Allen has summed it up well, and I'll be happy to follow in his orbitaling footsteps.
Neo-Vintage. Dang.

You'll find posts from me ranging from the cool and interesting to the totally foppish and non-car related. I'll be posting occasional updates to my personal project these days, but I don't know if this site can handle the power. There will be the occasional insight, but we'll have to leave most of that to Allen and Ethan. Please continue to enjoy to this little corner of the internet, and we'll keep trying to entertain you!

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