Monday, August 23, 2010

For the love of B: AC Schnitzer (E36) S3 CS

ACS S3 CS picture courtesy of

Along with other German marques, we enjoy BMW...obviously. The AC Schnitzer S3 CS is is one of greatest BMWs created; starting life as a e36m3, then massaged by renowned BMW tuner AC Schnitzer via chassis, suspension, brakes, a widebody makeover and powerplant. There were evolution's of this ACS model with more horsepower as well, including the S3 CLSII, which is in the video for today's entertainment. What makes 'more horsepower' special in this case is that the European spec car already got 321bhp stock from their domestic market 3.2 Litre s50/52 motors while we were forced to make due with a lower spec 240bhp version. Payback for WWII? That will always be up for debate.

photo posted by bf.c user Mpowered02

This great video was hosted by user cjkpre on YouTube. Part two can be found here. If you look around, there are a few more cool vids of this thing in action.

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