Sunday, July 25, 2010

A picture is worth 1000 words.

It's taken a couple days, but I've got just about every Euro-themed car show I've ever shot uploaded to the new 'Show Coverage Archive' in the Automotive section of the AP Photobucket. This newly uploaded crop of shots is broke into different sections; there's current shows (2008 to present) which are visible immediately and 'Classic' shows from 2007 and back. To make things nice and easy to checkout going forward, I've created a Media section with a direct link to the top right. There's so much history in there I even surprised myself. I'll be trimming the fat off these uploads over the next few days; in order to save time I just uploaded everything under a particular folder (from my HD's of doom); repeats of shots (shooting all jpeg back then so what you see is what ya get) and throw aways.

If attention is paid, you'll see how my style developed, when ambition exceeded the limits of my old cameras (see below), when previous camera's took craps on me (H2oI 2003 *ahem*) and I upgraded, when I stopped caring about all the cars and just shot what was interesting, and lastly all the material posted (passed around as well as imitated - very flattering) on various international forums, for the past several years, including that which was kept private until now. Most importantly you'll see how the scene has changed over the years.

I still have plenty of HD of doom archived shots from old Import shows, but I doubt they'd be wildly popular; I was mainly shooting aspiring local models in front of crap cars, so not much to see. There are a couple non-euro but cool events though, so I'll add them to bucket when I get to it. The best thing about looking back at this old material is seeing when I got consistent with vision, but just didn't have the tools to produce the quality of picture I was capable of. That chase has brought me where I am now. Enjoy mofos.

H2oI 04'

Deutsche Werks 05'
H2oI 03'

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