Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Orbital Dreams: Cleaning Session #1

Even though the season is about over, I'll start a series just for detailing sessions. For me cleaning your car is both fun and therapeutic; my mind slows down as I massage the paint, you see the finish shine and an impeccably clean auto arises from the filth. Depending on the condition and makeup of your particular paint job, you may need to put a little more work in than someone else. Plenty of clean microfiber towels, quality soap, wash mitt, quick-detailer, polish, wax and window cleaners are a must. You don't have to be ocd to be a detailing fanatic necessarily, but you do need the willpower and/or passion for it.

On the Friday before H2oi a week or so ago, we headed up to our buddy Tim's place to unpack, get lunch then get the rides cleaned up for the weekend. A little after we showed up in OC, our buddy Patrick joined the cleaning session. While all this was taking place, I shot a few pics.

As you can see, I finally got the red coupe dressed up after eight months of toil. We didn't really get to do an e30 shoot like we wanted, there just wasn't enough free time. Pat's back in Ohio now, so that's out, but maybe Ethan and I can get something worked out later this fall.

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