Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Current Events: Audi Quattro Concept Debut

Audi has been busy this year; from the debut of the e-tron concept car, which is based on the upcoming Audi R4, to the Audi A7 (the newest member of the existing lineup). The new Audi R8 GT is on the menu for 2011 as well, but the biggest notable is the Audi Quattro concept. The Audi Quattro Concept is a tribute to the Ur (Original) Quattro which debuted in 1980 in Europe and later in the US (1983). The Quattro concept car, while reportedly to be produced using the R4 platform, was made using a shortened version of the existing RS5 chassis. Most importantly, it's powered by a turbocharged Inline-5 just like the original; an upgraded version of the motor in the current Audi TT RS.

Not too long ago, the Quattro Concept officially debuted at the 2010 Paris Auto Show. Here's some coverage of the event by Road and Track.

Video courtesy of the Road and Track YT channel. If you want to get a better look at this vehicle, check out the complete release video from Audi here.

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