Thursday, December 31, 2015

What to watch this New Years Weekend (Jan 4th - Jan 6th)

  • Chasing Classic Cars. Monday @ 5pm - 6pm (VelocityHD) replays 
  • Dakar Rally. Argentina and Bolivia. Monday @ 5:30pm - 6pm (NBCSN(HD))
  • Top Gear (UK). Monday @ 9pm - 12am (BBCAmerica(HD)) great replays
  • Dakar Rally. Tuesday @ 5:30pm - 6pm (NBCSN(HD))
  • Motorweek. Alpina B6 Gran Coupe. Tuesday @ 7:30pm - 8pm (VelocityHD) replay
  • Chasing Classic Cars. Marathon (new at 10pm). Tuesday @ 5pm - 6pm (replay), 10pm - 10:30pm (VelocityHD) new
  • Dakar Rally. Wednesday @ 5:30pm - 6pm (NBCSN(HD))
Enjoy your New Years.

Video courtesy of MotoManTv.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Track Pron Feature: Ultimate Porsche track battle: Cayman GT4 vs 911 GT3 RS (AutoExpress)

Steve pits the GT3RS up against the all new GT4. While I think the 991 gets two too many letters for this particular match-up, I'm not throwing this fish back.

Video courtesy of AutoExpress.