Monday, August 16, 2010


There is nothing quite like the early stage of a project. That shell, that field piece, that pristine runner that's been parked at the same shop for ten years with the one bad tire, and you've known. You've known your plan for it since you first saw it. All out racer. Cruiser. OEM+/-. It's your dream car (or one of them, anyways). You've been by there countless times, talking to the owner about it, letting them in on your vision of what it could, no, ought to be. The owner understands you. He gets it, but it's been his dream, or it's his first, or it's his late fathers'. You pine for it, all the while keeping the smutz from piling up too thickly, and clearing the debris from the raintray. You think you'll never get a chance. But then it happens! The call! All those years of badgering and note-leaving have finally culminated!

These posts will be dedicated to those initial moments of a project, before the heartbreak, before the sloppy bodywork, before the sobering moments of failure, before the graft and hard work finally pay off. The moments that say "this is the one." That secret stash of parts you've been piling up will finally have a home. That wheel set you've waited for the right car will finally be put to use. That motor you've always wanted to see finished. It's here, and it's ready. Now it's all up to you.

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