Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Event Recap: VAG Fair 2010

As I stated a few weeks back, 2010 is the fourth year of VAG Fair, a primarily Volkswagen and Audi enthusiast gathering organized and conceptualized by my buddy Cory Sterling of Euro Auto Source. It's surprising to say, but it was quite a bit bigger than last years show; by a hundred or so cars, as those who attended can attest. Thankfully, despite the low attendance of shows leading up to this one, people came out in droves, packed the house and patronized the many vendors that came to support the event. I was thoroughly impressed that despite the outstanding turnout this show still maintained the laid back, European auto-enthusiast, BYOB culture that is VAG Fair.

The first shot up top is what made me take the camera out the bag; an fan of my buddy Alexi's mk3 (see H20i 09' album) made a model of his car with a kit, RHD, plaid interior, 4spoke white wheels, the works...walked right up to him, never meeting Alexi before and gave the model car to him as a gift. This is what makes our scene great. I took a few snaps and started wandering. Plenty of cool cars came out...old mercs, e28s, e30s, b5s, a4s, mk2s, mk3s, a couple 930s too. And a mk4 I actually dig (it's the only one I shot); the owner did just about all of the fab, bodywork and paint himself and is good friends with my buddy Tim so I was aware of the car ahead of time.

The weather was good and mild, about 80 degrees with a cool breeze once the clouds rolled in. Unlike the previous two years where we had scattered storms and rain, this year held together and was miraculously dry the entire day...with sun even popping out for an hour or so around mid day (full on double rainbow!).

The night before the show at the Chili's GTG, I had the pleasure of meeting Wayne Bynum (of Bynum Build fame) and took the opportunity to pick his brain. His accent and laid back demeanor made me think of Bobby Bowden (FSU ball coach), but in all seriousness he was a very sharp and gracious gent. I spoke to him about the method and madness behind the cars his personal 'candy factory' puts out and he told me about the 84 GTI he brought to the show for Saturday. As usual, it did not disappoint.

This is the second show I got out of the house for this year and I'm glad I did. Got to run into all the usual suspects from the east coast (Getlow, VW Fiends, my MD peoples, NJ & PA crews) and am looking forward to seeing more of you a$sholes come H2o; it's just six weeks away so make sure you requested off the right weekend.

The full album is available here. Share this post and my pics mofos.

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