Sunday, July 2, 2017

Pbucket and our Dope. posts and original content.

ROTL viewers-

Photobucket decided to pull an a-hole move without telling anyone, so now all of my pictures hosted on photobucket can't be seen anywhere other than photobucket. What that means is that Dope. posts, original content (show coverage, car projects, etc.) going back 8 years are going to show you some dumbass jpeg explaining why you can't see said picture due to photobuckets' new policy. We'll fix it, but as a small outfit run by folks with full-time jobs, it may take some time. I'm glad I've been heavy on video so much lately, because youtube has remained steady over the years. I've put money into photobucket as a pro-user to support their bandwidth woes as my pictures have been all over the web since the very early 2000s. I'm pissed, but its a good opportunity to find a new solution since the Pbucket site has been just about unusable for a few years now. Make sure to give them sh&t on social media if the opportunity arises.

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