Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Car Pron: Ruf RGT-8 V8 Prototype vs CTR Yellowbird (SportAuto)

This video follows some Ruf testers running around with the CTR aka Yellowbird and the new RGT-8 Prototype. For those of you who don't know about this RGT-8 prototype's V8 engine developed by Ruf, they put it together a little over two years ago. Ruf believed that additional cylinders would be needed to take the 911 into the next stratosphere of performance so they developed a trick, 180* flat-crank 4.5L V8 that is not only about 75lbs lighter than the 997's 3.8L, but also revs to 8500rpm with no accessory or crank belts. Alois Ruf further explains engine details in this 2010 Geneva Auto Salon interview.

Video hosting courtesy of cc8186.

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