Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quick Vid: 788hp Volvo Amazon Kombi-69

Image courtesy of Supercars.net
The first time I saw this thing was on the web in the mid-2000s. There were some high-quality desktop wallpapers of this thing at a Swedish gas station that I had on my computer for several months. All I could think was what a fine timepiece of a showcar this 67' Volvo Amazon Kombi-69 was. Well there's some video of it running around and I figured it'd be great post material. Word has it this Swedish built toy is putting down just under 800 hp from its 2.8 Liter turbo-charged inline-six. The creator of this beast is one Mattias Vöcks; he's a Koenigsegg engineer that likes to tinker a bit in his off-time. His Volvo project was making 600hp back when it first made its rounds around the web, but now it's simply out for blood. The craftmanship and brutal usability of this car makes it a playground legend among car guys. Bravo, Mattias.

Videos courtesy of M5boarddotcom.

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