Monday, May 14, 2012

GTGs: Cars and Coffee 4.21.12

For the longest time now I've gone online to forums and the like to see people pictures from Cars and Coffee events around the country. The great thing about these events is that you get a large variety of makes, models and model years, including the equally wide-range of aged people that into all of said cars. Corvette guys in this group, muscle car guys in that group, imports, german tuners, rare european classics, etc., etc.

Flash forward and I finally got to attend one a week or so ago. A good friend of mine dropped me a line asking if I was up to going to the one local-ish to him in Hunt Valley. For those that don't know, Cars and Coffee events run from about 7:30am - 10am. This is great for everyone as you can get in and out of there before your day really starts, take your baby out of the garage to get the fluids hot, and hang out with friends, associates and newcomers that all are into the same thing. For years I would've never got up at 6:30am to go to any event regardless of what it was, mainly due to the work schedule I had (working nights, mornings and everything between). Fortunately, I recently switched jobs and began getting up at the ascrack on a daily basis, so it wasn't the life changing event that it would typically be. That and we agreed to meet up at 8am to caravan over to the Hunt Valley shopping center (Maryland), so that helped too.

I just washed the red coupe earlier that week for the first time since January (post pending), so regardless of my deer-dent, I was happy to have drive it out on a great sunny spring day. We arrive at the shopping center in Hunt Valley around 8:30am. According to regulars the turnout wasn't as big as it was the week before, but there was still a good amount of cars out to play. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but my favorite of the day was a so-fresh and so-clean black on tan ~67' Mercedes 230SEL convertible. The owner was cool as sht, as was his son, and I took plenty of snaps and a little video (coming soon).

We won't be hitting this event up every week, but when we do I'll post up. Here's the album location to check for going forward. And yes, this will be the only capacity in which american cars will show up on this blog ha.

Our small crew.

This day actually got a little better after the GTG was over. My friends and I grabbed breakfast at Chick-Fil-A, then I bombed up I-83 to Hershey (PA) for the CPA-PCA Porsche Swap-Meet. Look for a post on that in the coming week.

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