Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Web Entertainment Intro: WrinkleRed

Photo courtesy of Ian Norman.
My buddy Anthony has been building quite the serious MK3 Jetta GL for several years now. At first he was generally going apesht, going beyond the above-average wrencher to develop his own custom suspension, then modifying the existing chassis so that he could drive the car as low as possible as easily as possible; tubbed fenders, independent rear suspension, custom fuel cell, hydraulically adjustable shock absorbers, raised oilpan and modified rocker panels...the list goes on and on. He got his technical exercise off the drawing board and on the road to H2oi, back in 09', and it was like the freshest breath of fresh air in the MK3 scene in a good while. While many figured it was the best thing ever as it sat (and drove for that matter), in Anthony's eyes it was still a work in progress. He learned a ton, but wanted to refine the whole setup so things weren't so patchwork. He wanted to build the car so that everything worked as if factory produced, with reliability and build quality to match. The amount of engineering and custom fabrication that's gone into his now ground up rebuild is beyond second-hand explanation, but never fear, he's done us all a favor and started a blog to document not only his rebuild, but all the associated obsessive compulsions surrounding his love for building, and the acquisition of the tools needed to do so.

You can find his built thread online here, detailing the original creation, and his new blog WrinkeRed, which details the current rebuild, here.

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