Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quick Vid: Nakai-san of RWB

Luke Huxham brings us another gem in affiliation with Fatlace, interviewing RWB founder Akira Nakai.

Fatlace TV x RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF : Nakai-San from Luke Huxham on Vimeo.

What speaks most to me about this piece is regardless of how blinder-laden your vision is, its important to just do what you love. This isn't always easy to accomplish when keeping the lights on involves other people buying into your vision. When done right, however, the people that buy in will find themselves saying 'where has this (thing) been all my life'. There's also that innately human bit about evolving ideals; I believe we all manage this battle on a daily basis. Keep at it Nakai-san, but please don't dilute the brand through expansion.

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