Monday, July 4, 2011

ROTL Public Service Announcement (7.4.11)


As an FYI to our regulars, we're going to be doing a lot of travelling this Summer. A couple of us are making our ways overseas for some much needed R&R and will hopefully return home with some exclusive material for all of you. There really isn't much for you all to do; we've worked our asses off to make sure things continue seamlessly during this time period. However, for those of you that mainly go to our sibling web pages on Facebook and Twitter, please take note. While there isn't any issue with the ROTL fb/Twitter pages themselves, there can be delays in blog post relaying when the Networked Blogs application doesn't forward appropriately. That said, if there's a day when you don't see a Mon-Fri post on the ROTL fb or Twitter pages, simply come here to the main website. We'll get skipped posts published on our sibling web portals as soon as possible. Hopefully this will never come up, but just in case, use this plan of action going forward.

In other news, we're celebrating our (drumroll please) one year anniversary this month! We've grown greatly over the year and have much more in store for you all before the years up. Keep on following us at our portals around the net and keep on telling your friends about us! Have a great Independence Day weekend all,

-ROTL Staff

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