Monday, February 14, 2011

For the love of P. #7 - 9ff GTurbo 1200

9ff is at it again with the GTurbo 1200 package. I'm not sure if any of you frequent the M5boards and their races between new exotics and exotic tuner cars, but there's been a orange 9ff GTurbo 1200 running around on that airfield causing a ruckus for some time now. The GTurbo 1200 is based on the GT3RS but benefits from two very large turbos. This is the most hardcore and high powered package that 9ff offers. Option Auto has gotten a hold of one of 9ff's GTurbo 1200 customer cars for a thorough test drive. Turn on the HD, subtitles and enjoy this video series.

Videos are courtesy of OptionAuto. To find out more about what 9ff offers, visit their website.

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