Monday, January 3, 2011

ROTL Public Service Announcement. (1.3.2011)


First off let us say Happy New Year to you all. We'd like to sincerely thank you all for your consistently strong readership/viewership over the first five months. It's been a fun 2010 and we've done nothing over the past several weeks but brainstorm expanding the entertainment variety we provide here. Publishing primarily original content (oc) is what was aimed for initially, but until we get a hell of a lot more time outside of 50hr+ work weeks and/or some flow from this project there's no way to really accomplish that with the existing standard of five new posts a week ha. So instead of flying toward the sun with wax wings, we're going to do all we can to get the hardware needed to take on more creative ROTL/AREPATmedia projects. This workflow will presumably then be integrated with our existing content varieties.

This ROTL experiment can no longer be labelled as such in our eyes; a nice rhythm has formed regardless of vacations, weather, carshow weekends and lifes' adventures. Before we go as far as formally advertising this site, we'd like to work the word of mouth angle further. This site is free and that's what makes the Internet great. While we won't be asking for monetary contributions we do want you all to continue telling your friends about this site; facebook, twitter, iphone, android, windows mobile, palmOS, RSS, morse code, email, sms, stanley cups connected by string, etc. Please spread the ROTL link(s) and give us more pressure to perform. In addition, link/patronize the hell out of the people, businesses, artists and contributors that help make up what you see on here. And lastly, please visit us here on the actual website as well as the FB page to let your presence be known. We enjoy hearing from you all on the things you like and enjoy all the comments and posts received thus far.

If you're new to the site, welcome. If you're a repeat offender, welcome back. We'll continue to deliver the goods in 2011, so grab a spot on the couch and grow with us.

-ROTL Staff

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