Monday, November 15, 2010

Car Pron: BMW M3 GTS

Track-ready Clubsport cars that you can buy directly from the manufacturer have been getting popular in the last several years. In essence it's the greatest thing you can hope for as an enthusiast with a wallet capable of tracking a higher end sports car; you get factory power upgrades, factory braking and chassis upgrades. More importantly you get all of these goodies with a warranty as well as exclusivity of models sold. The Porsche 911 GT3/GT3RS model has been the leader of this front for some time, with Challenge and Scudaria variants of Ferrari's base sports car models echoing the sentiment from Maranello. BMW has now entered the arena with a clubsport version of their latest (E92) M3, the M3 GTS. The V8 engine from the base M3 has grown in size to 4.4 Litres (a la E39 540i), putting out 450hp. Weight has been reduced (over the base M3) by a few hundred pounds even with the addition of a roll cage, enormous 14.6" front disks and an adjustable rear wing. Price tag? $170k USD. While I applaud BMWs' efforts to take care of their track loving customers' whims (customers outside of the US mind you, as it isn't going to be available here), I would by a 911 GT3RS for that money. I'm still golf clapping though.

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