Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Changes afoot, pt.1: good-bye to the blueberry

It was a lovely dream,
a chance to begin my full on plunge into the restoration of an automobile,
the chance to call a vehicle truly "my own".

From the humble beginnings of a mountain driven and slightly wrecked 1986 Golf Mk2 (a2) 1.6 n/a diesel car to a piedmont driven and slightly fixed 1986 Golf Mk2 1.6 n/a diesel car, this little petulant child of Westmoreland, PA has won over my heart. It's taken me on a path of self discovery, and put me to limits of patience and tolerance that I normally reserve for members of the fairer sex. It's been a study in oem +/-, and a trial of finding one year only parts that reside in the darkest corners of the mid-Atlantic. Alas, after countless hours of blood, sweat, tears, and more sweat, it's come time to let the plump little four door live a new life with another owner.

A body man by trade, the new owner has prided himself on his daily driven 16vT Mk2 Jetta, running in the upper 200hp range on a daily basis. The full motorsport race suspension on it hugs turns like a happy bear and rewards him with a course time of 3 seconds off the record out at his favorite track. After a few days with the diesel, he's got the same kind of grin affixed to his maw. I know it will be in good hands with him, he's already hooked.

However! Shortly after the trade commenced (more on that later), it became clear that the leaking oil was due not to a simple issue of crankcase pressure, but poor ring condition. A malady surely not remedied quickly, and certainly much worse than I anticipated. The spare motor was dispatched immediately, and the trade car returned whilst the motor is fiddled back to health. An unfortunate delay, but one that is being dealt with swiftness and care.

The trade car also needs a little work, but relatively minor compared to new rings, and will be on the road in another installment soon enough.

So, good-bye to the blueberry. It's been a beautiful run.

you can read the whole story here:
it's at its new home.

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