Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Red Coupe - Baseline numbers

Now I'm no big power guy or nothin', but I do appreciate a well tuned automobile delivering everything it should via my right foot. Being that my car just hit 220k not too long ago, has an all original, never opened M20b25, I wanted to see where things stood currently. The only modifications are a Stromung cat-back exhaust and a hot air intake replacing the stock airbox. I went about 15 miles from the homestead to NGP Racing in Aberdeen, MD. I hung out and b.s.'d a bit with the guys at NGP, while a F-350 with upgrades made the shop vibrate, and then I got my pulls done. I used my old Sony Digital-8 videocam (circa 01') so ignore the quality ha.

The verdict? AN EXPLOSIVE 145WHP/134WHP (that explosion graphic made me laugh). From the factory, e30 2.5L/12-valve/M20s were good for 168hp @ 5800 & 164tq @ 4300; the numbers I pulled today roughly equate to ~171hp @ 5800 and ~158tq @ 4300 (using a rule of thumb 15% drivetrain loss). The A/F looked solid as well, but I can see where I feel the power waiver between 4300-5500 rpm (smooth lines are better than wavy lines). Anyone who knows NGP Racings' Dyno knows it's pretty damn stingy, it was humid out (enter more excuses here), yadda. I'm more than pleased, but I plan on getting those lines higher and a bit smoother with a chip tune, bigger injectors, head rebuild & cam. Hopefully I can move in that direction as a winter project, at the very least getting the head completed. Good times.

Oh and if you haven't noticed, under the media section on the side panel, Reverse OTL now has a Youtube channel (yowzas). I could definitely use a newer HD camera among other things, but in the meantime I'll be using my time capsule-esque Digital-8 videocam. I used to video a crap load back in the day, so I'll make short vids of old footage when I get time and hopefully make some new ones once I get the opportunity. A HD cam means I'll need a better computer for editing (i.e. more $$$) so hopefully I can work out some better quality rip techniques for my legacy footage. I still want a new yet cheap flash memory video camera, so if you have any model suggestions please comment below or on fb. I'm still looking for a site that has actual footage in the product review. TIA.

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